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David Parsons - Vajra (MP3)
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David Parsons - Vajra (MP3)

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Composed, recorded, produced and played by David Parsons

David Parsons is a veteran composer of ambient and world music. The New Zealander has made a lot of journeys and during these travels he gathered many impressions from the regions he visited, both musically and psychologically. Especially the East has his great interest. In his music, the moods and atmospheres, he picks up in these countries, are mixed with another love of him: electronic music.
In the past this already led to some legendary albums like "Sounds From The Mothership", "Hymalaya" and "Yatra". "Vajra" is his first album for Groove Unlimited. Soft ambient soundscapes are combined with traditional acoustic instruments on "Vajra". The opening track "Cloud Gompa" is a typical David Parsons piece with some beautiful, relaxing melodies and atmospheres.
"Other Realms" is even softer with excellent loops.  "Masked Dancer" is more alive. Here David uses an Eastern-sounding sequence, calm rhythms and plays a violin a sitar can be heard in the background.
"Above Clouds" brings him back to the ambient, again added with a sitar. His sounds are excellent. In "Kangra Yatra" he uses rhythms and an Eastern sequence. This brings the music somewhat in the direction of Klaus Schulze from the eighties or the early works of Steve Roach.  The title track is the most ambient sounding piece on the album with long stretched soundscapes.
"Vajra" is a masterpiece with an elegant mix between ambient, world music and traditional electronic music.

  1. Cloud Gompa [12:44]
  2. Other Realms [10:00]
  3. Masked Dancer [10:36]
  4. Above Clouds [10:02]
  5. Kangra Yatra [6:20]
  6. Vajra [12:50]

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