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Frank Klare - Monumental dreams (MP3)
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Frank Klare - Monumental dreams (MP3)

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Composed, played and recorded December 2003 by Frank Klare
Adds on First, Third and Sixth Monument composed, played and recorded July/August 2004 by Ron Boots
Mixed and mastered by Ron Boots

Frank Klare is an experienced musician from Germany who already has a long career behind him in electronic music with band like Synco and Traumklang, numerous solo releases, many collaborations and a lot of appearances on compilation albums. "Monumental Dreams" is his debut on our Groove label. He created the album together with no-one less than Ron Boots who has added his sounds on three of the seven movements (First, Third and Sixth). "Monumental Dreams" is dedicated to the "Tangerine Tree"-project, an initiate of Tangerine Dreams fans to release all kinds of live material from this legendary band. Not surprisingly, Frank's music has traces of that of "TD". The sequences and melodies on "First Movement" and "Second Movement" could have come from a TD album out of the eighties (listen to these leading chords!).
Frank has a sound of his own. This can be heard very well in the sequences he uses. The one in "Third Movement", for example, is excellent. "Fifth Movement" is a slow rhythmic affair with soft melodies. The highlight on the album is "Sixth Movement"; here Frank creates the best sequence on the cd and this, together with the typical TD-sounds, makes this track an absolute treat. After so many years of being around in electronic music, "Monumental Dreams" could mean the real breakthrough for Frank. And then the cover: again it is a fantastic surreal and futuristic masterpiece by the Argentine artist Pablo Magne.

  1. First Monument [13:18] alt
  2. Second Monument [4:20]
  3. Third Monument [14:33]
  4. Fourth Monument [8:28]
  5. Fifth Monument [7:13] alt
  6. Sixth Monument [18:27]
  7. Seventh Monument [5:08] alt

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