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Gert Emmens - Waves of dreams (FLAC)
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Gert Emmens - Waves of dreams (FLAC)

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All tracks composed, played and recorded by Gert Emmens

Gert Emmens is amongst those artists who are getting better every time they come up with a new record.
"Waves Of Dreams" is no exception of this. Again, the Dutchman surprises us with his pleasant melodic retro electronic music that is played excellently.
"After The Rain" opens with soft sequences after which intriguing rhythms take over. In the third part of the track Mike Oldfield-like sequences enter and bring the listener in electronic heaven. This is absolutely top electronic music.
And it doesn't stay with this piece alone: tracks like "Another Time, Another Space", "Waves Of Dreams" and the somewhat darker "Bright Spot On A Grey Day" all bear the same quality (well, actually all tracks).
Electronic music that is built up beautifully, with great sequences, atmospheres, Mellotron sounds and solos. Gert sets himself apart from most other retro/Berlin School electronic music by always keeping the melody on top. This makes his music very special.
And the musical content is not enough: also the recording is great, the cover by Pablo Magne beautiful (it almost looks like cover from Pink Floyd or The Alan Parsons Project) and the list of equipment Gert uses (a lot of vintage gear) is very impressive.
This all makes "Waves Of Dreams" amongst the absolute top in retro-electronic music.

  1. After the rain [12:52]
  2. Another time, another space [14:34]
  3. Waves of dreams [10:26]
  4. Dawn [10:06]
  5. Heading towards unknown destinations [10:52]
  6. Bright spot on a grey day [13:09]

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