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Create - Reflections from the inner light (MP3)
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Create - Reflections from the inner light (MP3)

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Recorded at The Backroom Studio between December 2003 and februari 2004

Equipment used:
Reason 2.0 Software Music Studio, Evolution MK - 261 Midi Keyboard, Evolution UC - 16 Midi Controller, Terratec DMX6 Fire Audio/Digital Soundcard

Behind Create is the Englishman Stephen Humphries. His debut-CD with the great title "Reflections From The Inner Light" is dedicated to the Berlin School. There is a lot of retro-EM released at the moment, so to attract attention you must come with something special. Humphries does that. Striking in his music is the fact that he doesn't make use of instruments like Mellotrons and analogue synthesizers but that he does everything with the aid of software. The difference cannot be heard. In eight pieces he exploits the diverse corners of the Berlin School in an intriguing way.

The CD opens in "Narissa" with all kinds of fat sounds that reminds of legendary albums like "Body Love 1 & 2" and "Mirage" of Klaus Schulze, calmly accompanied on the background by excellent sequences and easy rhythms. This sets the tone for the rest of the CD. There are a great number of very good compositions on the CD like "Touching The Void" that has a lot of Mellotron sounds and some extremely strong sequencer lines.
Also is "Kaleid", again with fine sequences and drum sounds that are a bit more on the foreground now, an outstanding track.

Humphries knows what he does. All music is played well an with much attention to details. Create has created a very pleasant retro-CD that might attract many fans of this genre.

  1. Narissa [13:29]
  2. Dark Skies [6:51]
  3. Touching the Void [14:02]
  4. Medusa [4:34]
  5. Surface Control [9:15]
  6. Downside Up [7:47]
  7. Kaleid [12:51]
  8. Chasing the One [9:37]

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