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The Heisenberg Compensators - Adventures of Werner and Random (F
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The Heisenberg Compensators - Adventures of Werner and Random (F

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  1. Inner – 00:05:38.11
  2. Clearing – 00:08:15.63
  3. Gales – 00:07:55.36
  4. Question – 00:05:32.72
  5. Glory – 00:07:13.56
  6. Stroke – 00:06:04.72
  7. Dust – 00:05:16.24
  8. Dice – 00:06:39.23

The Heisenberg Compensators The story of The Heisenberg Compensators begins during the 2012 edition of the annual ‘Glow’ light festival in the city of Eindhoven. On this occasion, Allard Krijger (FRAKnoise) and Stefan Robbers (Eevolute, Terrace) improvised electronic music for a live light performance. Following excellent reception of their music, the duo decided to continue their collaboration. After both became infected with the Modular Virus, Stefan suggested creating ambient music together. Initially, two modular set-ups bleeped happily side by side, but Allard soon started bringing additional gear into the already wellequipped Eevolute studio. This could be anything from a rare Casio home keyboard, mandolin or selection of eccentric effects pedals to an omnichord or strange noise box. Anything that fit into his old grey suitcase could provide the starting point for a new track.

This approach resulted in a first ‘album’: an exploration of their different approaches to music and gear collections. This unreleased album served as the blueprint for music on the new album ‘The Adventures of ‘Werner and Random’. Main inspiration for this release was the track which involved guitar embedded in synthy drums and pads. ‘The Adventures of Werner and Random’ further develops this approach with Stefan playing his modular synths, drum machines and other devices whilst Allard takes care of guitars, loopers and fx.

The Heisenberg Compensators’ references the work of Werner Karl Heisenberg (1901-1976), known for his ‘uncertainty principle’. The Heisenberg Compensators organize chaos in their music, at several levels. Quite literally, sometimes, with the aid of random generators. On other occasion, the randomness and organization lies in the energy going back and forth between Allard and Stefan. The Heisenberg Compensator is, of course, also a vital component of Federation Starship transporters.

Stefan Robbers
A//ard Krijger
Augustus 2016

The Adventures of Werner and Random – The Heisenberg Compensators

1. Inner – 00:05:38.11 “But if you look at it from within, what then?” Werner asked. “I don’t feel like doing that. Not today, you know, with everything that’s been going on..”, replied Random, whilst observing the small brown screen.

2. Clearing – 00:08:15.63 “Werner, you should see this!” Random gasped. Werner was not impressed: “I already saw. It is clear to me. Has been for hours.”

3. Gales – 00:07:55.36 Random, finally breaking the silence, whispered an observation: “The grass is bending constantly, with the force of the wind. I imagine the grass would be very tired at the end of such a day.” Werner opened one eye, snored loudly, opened his other eye and articulated poorly: “And what’s wrong with that?”

4. Question – 00:05:32.72 “Answers, answers, answers. And still, we’re getting nowhere!” Random was truly upset about how the day was unfolding. Werner was less puzzled: “Answers rarely make questions obsolete. The questions remain!”

5. Glory – 00:07:13.56 “This is it,” said Random, as he gently placed his hand on the keypad, “The path to glory!” Werner shook his head in pity: “Don’t count on it. It doesn’t work like that, I’m afraid.”

6. Stroke – 00:06:04.72 The door creaked open. Werner peered around the corner. “Nope, nothing here.” “So. Disappointment is once again our companion,” Random concluded, gloomily.

7. Dust – 00:05:16.24 Random drummed his fists on the table: “There is no wind in a vacuum!” “No dust, either.” Werner added smugly. “Oh yes there is!”. Random was certain of that.

8. Dice – 00:06:39.23 “In general, I feel rather uncertain,” Random pondered. “Sometimes, I think it’s a problem. Sometimes, I think it’s just who I am.” Outside a flock of birds suddenly fluttered up from the bushes, loudly chirping. For no apparent reason.. Werner smiled and placed his arm around Random’s slender shoulders. Together, they stood before the tall window. “You are uncertain. And I found you. I know I did.”

Gear list The Adventures of Werner and Random:
1.Inner SCI sixtrak + Yamaha e1010 + Masterroom xl210+ Lexicon PCM91 Kawai K5000 + Coron compresoor 20 + Behringer DW400 + EHX Big Muff + Lexicon PCM91 Customized Low Budget Guitar (Founder) w Bixby Tremolo + Maestro parametric Filter + Art DPSII + Korg SE300 + Eventide H3000 Boss Phaser PH1R, Jupiter 8, SH101 Kawai K5 + Digitech Quad, Casio VA-10.

2. Clearing Elektron Analog Rytm, Analog Four, Monomachine, Roland SH-101, Modular, Strymon Big Sky, Timeline. Casio PG380, Digitech 2120, Boss GX-700, EHX 2880 looper, EH Cathedral, FRAKnoise Pedalboard.

3. Gales Waldorf Microwave wave choir -> Eventide H3000, Moog Voyager C22 Snappy Bass, Rooster, Clavia Nord Drum -> Thermionic Culture Ltd Culture Vulture. Casio PG380, EHX 2880 looper, Gibson Echoplex, Digitech 2120, Boss GX-700 RLD Adrenalinn drums, Strymon Big Sky spring, Sony DPS-V77

4. Question Elektron Analog Rytm, Analog Four, Monomachine, Roland SH-101, Modular, Strymon Big Sky en Timeline. Casio PG380, Digitech 2120, Boss GX-700, EHX 2880 looper, EHX Cathedral, FRAKnoise pedalboard *).

5.Glory Elektron Analog Rytm, Analog Four, Monomachine, SH-101, Modular, Strymon Big Sky en Timeline. Casio PG380, Digitech 2120, Boss GX-700, EH 2880 looper, EH Cathedral, e-bow, FRAKnoise pedalboard *).

6. Stroke Elektron Analog Rytm, Analog Four, Monomachine, Roland SH-101, Modular, Strymon Big Sky en Timeline. Casio PG380, Digitech 2120, Boss GX-700, EH 2880 looper, EH Cathedral, FRAKnoise pedalboard *).

7. Dust Korg MS20-MS50 SQ10 + Dynacord SRS56 + Micmix Masterroom Casio PG380+Sony DPS-V77+ Fender Fuzzwah Linndrum Tom + EHX Dr Q + Big Muff (sovj) PPG Wave 2.3

8. Dice Voss Jazzgitaar + EHX Big Muff (sovj) + Colorsound Supasustain + Pigtronix echolution + EHX Cathedral + Behringer thunderbird BZ108 speaker/amp Elektron Monomonachine, Analog Rhytm + Analog Four.

*) FRAKnoise pedalboard: EHX Ravish Sitar, Coron compressor, Boss Super feedbacker Distortion, Ibanez Flanger, Earthquake Devices Arpenoid, EHX SuperEgo, LastgaspArt Laboratories Gomorrah, Korg Mikustomp, Zoom MS- 70CDR, Pigtronics Echolution2.



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