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Hemisphere - Beast in the heat (MP3)
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Hemisphere - Beast in the heat (MP3)

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Produced, composed, performed and engineered by Ralf Knappe-Heinbockel and Throsten Reinhardt.

The German duo Hemisphere, consisting of Ralf Knappe-Heinbockel (synths) and Thorsten Reinhardt (synths, guitar) produce a style of music that can best be described as "ambient" but actually has a complete sound of its own. Therefore, it doesn't let itself be compared easily with other artists in that area. So, this makes their music special.

Hemishere music is sometimes dark and sometimes uplifting, sometimes with modern rhythms. But it always sounds as Hemisphere: full, rich, very well played and very well produced.

"Shadows In The Basement" is a quite dark affair. You might ask yourself the question "What lives in Hemisphere's basement?". The end of the track, with beautiful strings reminding of the great Mellotron, is very moody.
"Hydra", with pounding drums, reminds a bit of the eighties.
"Energy Brand" is a fast piece with some Tangerine Dream-touches. Thorsten plays acoustic guitar in "Pallas", again a rhythmic track.

Ambient "with a twist". That is the music of Hemisphere.

  1. Starlight Casino [9:49]
  2. Chroma [6:37]
  3. The Frogs [7:16]
  4. Shadows in the Basement [8:23]
  5. Hydra [7:09]
  6. M 8812 [5:44]
  7. Energy Brand [13:01]
  8. Alpha Order [4:49]
  9. Pallas [6:32]
  10. Mura [3:24]

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