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Eric van der Heijden - Cosmic flight no. 3 (FLAC)
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Eric van der Heijden - Cosmic flight no. 3 (FLAC)

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All music composed, played, arranged & produced by Eric van der Heijden.
Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Ron Boots.
Drums on track 5 and 11 by Harold van der Heijden.
Solo on track 11 by Ron Boots.

"Making music has always been a necessity for me. And it still is The making of my third CD took a long time again. Why? Like wine, my music has to ripen. And time improves the product." These are the words of Eric van der Heijden in the booklet of his third CD "Cosmic Flight No. 3".

It's 5 years since his last album, the great "Da Capo". Time has been something that goes well together with Eric's music. His first album "Universal Time Zone" even bears the concept of time. The Dutchman is an exponent from the so-called "Eindhoven School" (which, of course, is an adaptation of the "Berlin School") together with people like Ron Boots.

Eric composes his music behind a keyboard and doesn't like working with computers so much. This leads to a style that is melodically, filmy and in some cases symphonic. Listening to his music, every now and then the name of Vangelis comes in mind.
"On The Third Day" and the happy and uplifting "Triode Part 2 Eternal Triangle White Version" are good examples of this.
"Tritonic Waves", with excellent sequences, is also a track that could be used as film music. On 2 tracks his nephew Harold van der Heijden plays drums.
"3rd Life (M.O.R.E. Live 90-3: A Dutch Trio In A German Museum)" is a live recording from days beyond with Harold and Ron.

"Cosmic Flight No. 3" is a great outlet by a fine musician. See you in 5 years?

  1. Take Off no. 3 [4:17]
  2. On The Third Day ... [8:12]
  3. Cosmic Flight no. 3 [6:10]
  4. Tri Ode Part 1 Colliding Triangles (Red version) [0:59]
  5. Tri Ode Part 2 Eternal Triangle (White version) [7:05]
  6. Tri Ode Part 3 Colliding Triangles (Blue version) [1:09]
  7. Rule Of Threes [13:23]
  8. Tritonic Waves [12:11]
  9. 3rd Life [10:26]
    M.O.R.E. live 90-3 : A Dutch Trio in a German Museum
  10. Trilogic Trilogy Part 1 Trilogic Dreams [4:44]
  11. Trilogic Trilogy Part 2 Alternate Perspective in the Third Dimension [4:29]
  12. Trilogic Trilogy Part 3 Descending with strings attached [1:41]


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