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Navigator - Airwaves (FLAC)
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Navigator - Airwaves (FLAC)

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3rd CD.

Recorded at the Gelber Raum (D), Nanovision Studio (DK) & Klangsh�j Studio (DK).
All music composed and performed by Navigator between August 2002 � July 2003.

Kent Eskildsen - Keyboards, Percussion, Guitars, Voice & Flute
Tony Andersen - Keyboards & Percussion
Jens Peschke - Keyboards, Percussion & "Plants"

The music of Navigator is an international affair. The trio consists of the Danes Kent Eskildsen (keys, percussion, guitars, flute and voice) and Tony Andersen (keys and percussion) as well as the German Jens Pesche (keys and percussion). "Airwaves" is their third album and the second for the Groove Unlimited label. In comparison to "Northern Consequence" and "Oceanic Empire", Navigator has updated their sound a little bit and on "Airwaves" it all sounds some more melodically, symphonic and modern.
Navigator has the ability to produce nice and melodically tunes as well as thrilling sequencer pieces. A comparison with the more recent Tangerine Dream can be made. "Loenstrup" is the best example of sequencer style with some of the best sequences around. This is sequencer-heaven! "The Blue Cafe", with an ambience intro by their colleagues of RAMP, shows Kent on flute. "Biodiver" and "Ronnenberg Dive" are fine combinations between the two styles.
"Bliss", with its 18:13 minutes the longest track on the CD, is another great sequencer piece and quite varying.

Trios and electronic music: this almost always brings something special to life.

  1. Transmission [0:59]
  2. Airwaves [3:59]
  3. Loenstrup [13:16]
  4. In the Desert [4:37]
  5. The Blue Cafe [8:16]
  6. Biodiver [8:28]
  7. Ronnenberg Dive [6:46]
  8. Mist of Ganymede [7:34]
  9. Blizz [18:13]
  10. Transmission End [1:36]

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