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Gert Emmens - Wanderer of time (FLAC)
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Gert Emmens - Wanderer of time (FLAC)

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Dutchman Gert Emmens is not unknown anymore in the world of electronic music. In 2001 his second album "Asteroids", also available from Groove Unlimited, caused quite a fuss because it contained a melodic variation on the Berlin School. The nice thing about his music is that he not only draws his inspiration from the "Golden Age" of electronic music, but he also largely performs it on electronic instruments from that time.

"Wanderer Of Time" could easily become a classic in the retro-scene. It has it all: haunting sequences, traditional sounds, great effects, nice rhythms and beautiful melodies. Tangerine Dream couldn�t have done it better in their big years. The epic title track, which opens the CD, already sets the standard for the rest of the album. The very melodically "Gaspra" is a composition Gert created for the double compilation-CD with is provided with the 27th issue of the English electronic music magazine "Sequences". "Alien Matter" contains some of the best sequences on the album. "Elektra World" and "The Voyage Of Voyager 1" also have influences from Vangelis because of the fat solo�s from the Yamaha CS-synths (remember the harmonica-like solo sound in Vangelis"Ballad"?).

"Wanderer Of Time" is an album, which might place Gert Emmens on one of the top positions of retro-electronic music. Dutch treat.

  1. Wanderer of time [19:21]
  2. Gaspra [9:36]
  3. Alien Matter [13:41]
  4. Elektra World [12:57]
  5. The Voyager of Voyager I [13:42]

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