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Hemisphere - Destination infinity (MP3)
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Hemisphere - Destination infinity (MP3)

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Originally released in 1992 on Musique Intemporelle.
Recorded and mixed by R.K.H. at the "Hemisphere Studio" from August '91 to July '92
Remastered by Ron Boots
All titles composed, played and produced by RALF KNAPPE-HEINBOCKEL.

Ralf Knappe-Heinbockel - 2x Korg Wavestation E-MAX 1, Roland D550, Roland D10, VFX, Phophet VS, Oberheim DPX 1, Kawai K3m, Voice

In 2005, German electronic music musician Ralf Knappe Heinbockel sadly died. He was only 44. Under the artist name Hemisphere (first solo and later as a duo together with guitarist Thorsten Reinhardt) he was a master in the field of melodical, ambient music, provided with a rhythmic twist and music that is highly appreciated in the ranks of electronic music fans. This is quite right as it always comes with a standard high quality.
In 1992, Ralf's second album as Hemisphere, "Destination Infinity", was released on the German label Musique Intemporelle. Now, in 2006, Groove Unlimited presents a new version of this early masterwork, remastered by Ron Boots, and with a (dark and gloomy) bonus track "Stars". During the times of "Destination Infinity", Ralf's music was a perfect mixture of progressive rhythmic electronic rock and ambient atmospheres. Sometimes, there is still a small hint of musicians like Tangerine Dream, but clearly the distinguished "Hemisphere-sound" can already be heard. A sound that later became renowned and household. Great and warm ambient pieces like "Deep Cut", "Moments Of Darkness", the title track and "Final Memories" prove that. Sequences also play a part in the music: "Turing Point", "Exiting Impression" and "Tales Of The Backside" are fine examples of this.
"Destination Infinity" is one of the many highlights in the career of Ralf Knappe Heinbockel.
Hemisphere: a name that has to be remembered.

  1. Night Crossing [12:06]
  2. Deep Cut [9:27]
  3. Inner Life [3:45]
  4. Turning Point [6:12]
  5. Exciting Impression [6:55]
  6. Moments of Darkness [8:10]
  7. Spirit of the Age [3:33]
  8. Destination Infinity [13:37]
  9. Tales of the Backside [5:11]
  10. Final Memories [5:04]

    Bonus track:
  11. Stars [5:47]

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