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Remy - Art of imagination (FLAC)
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Remy - Art of imagination (FLAC)

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Remy is a new name in electronic music. A Dutch name, that is. A new name with a familiar sound and sounds but also with distinguished own ideas. This together forms "The Art Of Imagination". Remy is inspired by the big names of electronic music and one name that comes in mind is that of grand master Klaus Schulze. The interesting thing about Remy is that, in comparison to a lot of his electronic colleagues, he doesn't take Schulze's classic recordings from the seventies as an example but his more contemporary recordings, especially those from the early nineties.

"The Art Of Imagination" is divided into six "images", as Remy calls his compositions. "Image One" is build up in a fascinating way. Opening with those typical Korg synth-choirs, than flute solos follow and a soft sequence is added. In "Image Two" basses play an important part together with intriguing rhythms and all kinds of solos on bass (electronic, of course) and strings. Rhythmical, though relaxing a fine combination. The soft rhythms resume their way in "Image Three" and Remy starts to solo on acoustic guitar (for the instrument-freaks amongst us: also typical Korg), piano and vintage synths. Now, it is time for the epic and melancholically "Image Four" which shows us a quite varying Remy, from classical to rock. "Image Five" must be heard by Klaus Schulze-fans: a driven sequence, metallic rhythms, effects (Remy uses two VCS3's) and great solos. After this, in "Image Six" the choirs return in a bombastic conclusion to this surprising album.

Remy makes music, which might appeal the lovers of retrospective electronic music but also those who like more rhythmical stuff. So, "The Art Of Imagination" actually is an album for everyone. And the recording is great too.

  1. Image One [13:34] alt
  2. Image Two [13:20] alt
  3. Image Three [8:37]
  4. Image Four [16:34] alt
  5. Image Five [15:53]
  6. Image Six [8:19]

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