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Ron Boots - Bookworks (FLAC)
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Ron Boots - Bookworks (FLAC)

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Remastered music from his 1989 C-60 cassette.
(The cd is also available in a box with an extensive 56 page booklet with lots of photo's, biography and discography.)

"Mojave" is from the Synteam cassette "Cycles of Nature".
All tracks are carefully cleaned and valvenized to bring the music to nowadays standard but with preservation of the original feeling.
No overdubs or additional music is added.

  1. The Stand [15:53] alt
  2. Goodbye [6:13]
  3. The Amber Sage [8:26] alt
  4. Khazad Dum [8:37]
  5. Morannon [5:53]
  6. Paths of Death [14:32]

    Bonus track:
  7. Mojave [11:34] alt

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